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Unless the two of you are eloping on your own, your guests are going to be one of the key factors that make your day truly memorable. One of the great things about holding your wedding overseas in a hot country is that your family and friends really embrace the holiday mood and give their all to your celebration. However, you do need to think through the logistics of asking a bunch of people to fly 1300 miles or more for you – your help will be expected and probably required to a certain extent. Here are a few things you might need to think about…

Flights & Accommodation

Apartments in Malta

Balcony Views of Balluta Bay

Give your guests a helping hand by checking out flights and hotel deals as soon as you’ve set your wedding date. You’ll get a lot of questions about which airlines fly to Malta and from which regional airports. Flight prices increase steeply the closer it gets to the core holiday months of June to August. Similarly, hotels offer some very good booking rates if booking in the winter months. It is much easier for you to negotiate group bookings and secure decent discounts outside of the peak season. If you are leaving your guests to find their own accommodation, make sure you have given them a good idea of where the closest hotels are in relation to your wedding venue and advise them if they will need to hire a car or make use of the local bus routes. Giving as much information as you can and at a time when prices are at their lowest will ensure that as many of your friends and family can make it as possible. Check out airlines flying to Malta from the UK…



Maltese buses

Malta Wedding Transport!

By providing information on the location of your wedding and potential things to do in Malta, you’ll enable your guests to make an informed judgement as to whether to hire their own transport or not. You want them to have a great time and also not rely on you too heavily while you’re running around finalising your wedding plans. Hiring a car in Malta is very easy and cheap if booked early. There is only one airport in Malta and plenty of car rental companies operating out of it.
In addition to personal transportation, it’s important that you organise transport for your guests on the day. Whether that is laying on a coach or giving them taxi numbers along with all the details of where they need to be and by when. If your guests aren’t hiring a car but want to see a bit more of the island while they are visiting, make sure you have a reliable taxi company to hand or, alternatively, you could furnish them with a bus timetable. Read more on getting about in Malta…


Pre/Post Wedding Activities

Think in advance about the time that you are going to need as a couple in the final build up to your big day. You’ll be at your busiest just at the time all of your guests arrive to start the party. It’s likely that you’ll be highly stressed and need some time on your own, if only to argue off some steam! Having a list of activities that your friends and family could do at their leisure, can help take the pressure off you and add to the fun of their own holiday at the same time. You could pre-arrange meeting points or dinner venues for the evenings so people have a way to re-group and spend time with you once you’ve sorted the day’s tasks. View a list of things to do in Malta…

Provide clear information

Guest info

Create a guest info pack

Of course all of the above is pointless if you don’t have an effective way of communicating it to your guests! A basic wedding website with appropriate links to maps, hotels, flights and so on can be a good way to impart a lot of information and keep it updated as your plans progress. There are a number of user friendly ways to create simple sites for free these days so even the least techy person stands a chance of making a basic website. See an example wedding website…
Further to your ongoing information; ‘save the date’ communications and official invitations, it’s a good idea to have an info pack of sorts ready for guests upon arrival – either when picking them up at the airport or left with their hotel reception. The pack could include a map of Malta, programme for the wedding day, useful numbers, bus and ferry timetables, flyers for activities and so on. Much of this information can be collected at the waterfronts in towns like Sliema where stalls are set up to promote their varying sight-seeing tours and activities. They will be more than happy to furnish you with copious amounts of brochures if you have time to do this. Either way, it’s good to let your guests know what’s going on so they don’t need to bother you, and you can make your info pack as comprehensive or compact as you like!

Find out about enjoying an incident-free holiday in Malta…

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