Getting There

The Needle In The Haystack

Upon joining the EU in 2004, Malta became the southern-most point of Europe. Nestled in between Sicily and Africa, Malta occupies little over 120 square miles of land mass, but don’t let its size deceive you; as the geographical highway station between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, tiny Malta has received masses of attention and acclamation throughout history.

Flights to Malta

If you live in the UK, Malta is very easy to get to. The budget airlines all operate flights from selected UK airports and Air Malta goes regularly from most locations. Flight times are around three hours from the UK. Coming from other destinations can sometimes be more convoluted as you will often need to get connections from Italy or Germany and the flights aren’t always that regular – it’s worth planning ahead as there’s only one airport on Malta which limits flexibility on flight times and so on. The flights are generally cheap for European travel to and from Malta, but climb typically in the main summer months so booking early can help. There are also fairly regular ferries from Italy and Sicily to Malta so if you fancy taking the scenic route, you could take the longer land/sea option instead.

Locating Malta on the Map


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