Wedding Favour Ideas: Our Maltese Top 10

Malta Wedding Favours

Struggling for ideas of what to give your guests as wedding favours for your wedding in Malta? Then here are some suggestions that make great mementos for your exotic wedding overseas; choose a wedding favour that represents the local culture, compliments the Maltese climate, is practical for your guests, or simply creates that warm fuzzy feeling for a special touch on your special day.

Wedding Favour Ideas: Our Top 10 Maltese Wedding Favours

1. Hand fans

Malta is boiling in the summer, so if your wedding is planned for the months of May to September you may wish to give your guests a pretty yet practical favour in the form of a hand fan. Malta is renowned for its traditional lace, so if you have the budget you could consider beautifully handcrafted lace fans for a romantic touch on the day (and why not push the boat out with lace parasols for the bridesmaids or matriarchs?). In Malta, the gents carry fans too but in a slightly more masculine style so the boys needn’t be left out either! For smaller budgets, or if you prefer to personalise your fans, you could consider paper fans that come in all sizes and colours. Leave your fans on the church or ceremony seats so your guests benefit from them from the start, or use them as placeholders at your wedding lunch or dinner.

2. Ice Pops

Another one for the summer climate, ice pops make a great hand-out in the ‘milling’ part of the wedding. They can fill down-time and provide welcomed relief for hot well-wishers. If you are transporting your guests by coach or bus, consider handing out ice-pops for the journey to make a feature of the transfer and provide a wedding favour that offers much-needed refreshment.

3. Personalised Water
It seems pretty standard but if you are holding your wedding outdoors in Malta in the summer, nothing will be more gratefully received than a simple bottle of water! Make this most practical of wedding favours special by personalising the label with your own logo or message. This wedding favour is less likely to be a keep-sake, but highly likely to make a splash with your thirsty guests.

4. Traditional Maltese Nougat

For an edible wedding favour with a touch of local tradition, you could give your guests a bar or selection of traditional Maltese Nougat (Qubbajt tradizzjonali tal-festi). Nougat is the iconic confectionary of the Maltese Islands and has earned its place as Malta’s favourite sweet due to its association with local festas – the parish Saint’s festivals that happen throughout the summer on the islands. Best placed as a table wedding favour or offered as an extra at the end of the meal with coffees, or as an energy boost for wedding revelers during the evening’s frivolities.

5. Mdina Glass

Malta is internationally recognised for its glasswork named after the old capital city, Mdina, that stands majestically in the centre of the island. Mdina glass could be described as delicately fashioned explosions of colour and comes in all shapes, sizes and formats. For wedding favours, there are plenty of smaller pieces from coasters to shot glasses to trinkets and statues of almost anything you can think of. Although more pricey, Mdina glass is the perfect keep-sake and memento of your romantic wedding abroad in Malta.

6. Malta Bus Salt n’ Pepper

Slightly less serious, the traditional Malta bus is an icon of Malta that manifests in many different formats. The salt and pepper pot version of the Malta bus is a fun gift to serve as an everyday reminder to your guests of your fun wedding overseas. Especially appropriate if you decide to hire a real traditional Malta bus to transport your guests between your wedding venues. The miniature versions are ultra cute and relatively inexpensive.

7. ‘Thanks for making the trip’ Suitcase Mints

A good ‘buy in bulk’ classic wedding favour, these mints are encased in a small tin designed as a mini suitcase with the words ‘thanks for making the trip’ on the front. They can also be personalised if you wish. Simple and effective as a popular, tried and tested wedding favour, giving you the perfect opportunity to thank your guests for travelling over to Malta to see you get married.

8. Personalised Mini Sun-creams

Definitely one for outside weddings in the summer months! Many of your guests will under-estimate the strength of the Maltese sun in the peak months so these mini bottles of sun-cream can be really handy for emergency applications on your wedding day. Whether it is used on the day, during the wedding holiday or beyond, a nice personalised message is sure to bring a smile to your nearest and dearest’s faces as they remember the warm feelings and reminiscent sun-cream smell of a holiday wedding in the sun.

9. Mini Bajtra Bottles

Bajtra is a local liqueur made from the prickly pear fruit which is abundant in Malta and Gozo. It is a traditional Maltese gift and makes a great wedding favour, being both tasty and highly representative of your wedding in Malta. Consider attaching ribbons and name tags and using these attractive little bottles with their dusky pink contents as placeholders at your wedding dinner.

10. Passport Covers

A simple but effective wedding favour! These handy little wallet covers for your passport will ensure your special day lingers in your guests minds every time they travel… or at least for the trip home! Choose from loads of different colours and patterns or opt for quirky personalised versions if your budget allows. A thoughtful wedding favour that tips its hat to the journey your guests have made for you.

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