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Wedding Planners in Malta

After sitting down to draw up your very first to-do list, don’t be surprised if you develop a sudden case of the wobbles. There is a lot to do and a lot of people to liaise with in order to create the perfect wedding. One of the most sensitive tasks can be placating family and friends who may have varying opinions about you choosing to marry abroad. Your role as mediator and tour operator has only just begun! However, while you are the only person who can most effectively deal with relatives, you can lessen the load and delegate some of the other more logistical legwork to a wedding planner.

Planning a wedding in Malta

Wedding planners in Malta

Wedding planners cater for your special requests!

If you have begun your research into holding a wedding in Malta, you’ll already know that the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino constitute a plentiful source of stunning venues and locations. Making an informed decision can be time-consuming as each venue offers different cost packages, has different licensing laws, time-constraints, deals with certain caterers and so on. Then you have the travel and transfer logistics to consider as well as accommodation, flowers, favours, hairdressing, make-up and so the list goes on. Keeping on top of all these things from another country can be hard work and fairly worrisome when you can’t see what’s going on or catch up face-to-face. That’s where employing a wedding planner can really take the stress away.

There are a number of wedding planners in Malta who deal specifically with international couples looking to marry on the island. They are well-versed in addressing the concerns you are likely to come up against and able to reassure you by providing a trustworthy service based on years of knowledge and experience of both the trade and the island itself. As beautiful as Malta is, there are, naturally, varying standards of service and quality that you should be aware of. A trusted representative is a sensible idea when it comes to vetting your decisions or gaining truthful information ‘from the horses mouth’ when you can’t be there to see for yourself.

From Luqa to lilo

Wedding planners in Malta

Don't fret the details

The wedding planners in Malta should provide you with a complete service from the moment you step off the plane for your ‘recky’ to the moment you leave to relax on your honeymoon. They should draw up venue options based on your brief and introduce you to the island and any suppliers they have in mind for you; this includes hotel/accommodation recommendations for guests and so on. From the minute you hire them, they become your most trusted confidantes, responding to all your queries and concerns as and when you experience them (though you should probably spare them your 3am night sweats over where your mother-in-law will get her blow-dry – they can deal with that in the morning!). Their job will be to act as gate-keeper to all your requirements, ensuring that all your expectations are fulfilled in your absence, as well as maintaining an open line of communication with you for your utmost reassurance throughout the process.

Good value Malta wedding planners

You may be, quite fairly, worrying about cost. Weddings are usually one of the big expenses in your life, that’s a fact. As soon as something has the label of wedding attached to it, the price does tend to rise somehow, no matter what country you are in. The benefit of a good wedding planner is that you can give them your budget and they can do all the legwork and deal-making with the venues that it would take you ages and several costly trips to do yourself. Wedding planners know that they need to be competitive in order to get your business so they are likely to be less costly than you might think and, indeed, priceless, when it comes to giving you peace of mind. As they are contracted to work to your budget, they will be extra vigilant to have all costs, hidden and otherwise, addressed upfront with no surprises further down the line. For example, on your own, you may have signed your contract with a wedding venue for a certain price and they suddenly tell you chair covers are an extra cost per person; a wedding planner will do all this thinking and checking for you to ensure you don’t end up in that sort of situation. The key then, is to find a wedding planner of good value with a reasonable fee that they earn, by perception, twice over. For more information on just such wedding planners in Malta, take a look below.

Wedding planners in Malta:

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