Wedding Basics

The Fundamentals Of Getting Married

Unless you are having a particularly unique wedding, there are a few basics that will always need to be organised. Amazingly, once you open the can of wedding worms, tasks start creeping out of the woodwork and you wonder how you could ever have overlooked such fundamental elements when you first started. This is never more true than if you are asking your guests to join you from overseas; not only will you take on the mantle of wedding planner extraordinaire, but the role of ‘travel agent’ will somehow become part of your remit.

Every Bride Needs A List!

Wedding tasks checklist

No matter how relaxed and easy going a person you are, it is inevitable that you will make at least five lists while planning your wedding, and in truth, it will be way more than that! As your big day morphs into your epic day, one task will breed three more baby tasks and so on. Obviously each couple’s wedding will have their own personal touches, but it doesn’t hurt to consult a basic ‘wedding checklist’ to prompt your memory or point out a few things you may not have considered at each stage. So, if you’re in need of a sanity check, click on the heart to see if you’ve missed anything…

Wedding Planners in Malta

If you’d rather leave all the planning in the hands of the professionals, you’ll be pleased to know that there are some very good wedding planners in Malta. Obviously, if you are holding your wedding in one of the major hotels, the specific establishment is highly likely to have a wedding planner on hand to help you through the process at their venue. But, if you’re going it alone, or just don’t know where to start with selecting venues and so on, you can employ the services of an independent wedding planner.

Malta Weddings

Weddings in Malta beach-side weddings

One company currently making a splash in Malta’s wedding planning arena is Weddings in Malta, represented by husband and wife team Michelle & Lee. Hailing from the UK, Michelle and Lee have personal experience of organising their own wedding in Malta from overseas as well as arranging countless weddings for people based abroad. Now resident in Malta, Weddings in Malta are well placed to offer a personal service with in-depth understanding of the pressures involved in arranging your wedding from another country. For an intimate, family approach to wedding planning, find out more about Michelle and Lee at Weddings in Malta.

It can be very stressful knowing where to start, understanding local laws and keeping on top of suppliers if you are based overseas; so having a pair of eyes on the ground can offer invaluable reassurance, a priceless sense of control and, ultimately, ensure that your day goes perfectly to plan. So, if you need it and can afford it, don’t be afraid to ask for some help!

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