Top 10 tips to choosing a wedding planner in Malta

How to Choose a Wedding Planner in Malta

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Malta or any other country overseas, it is helpful to know what you should be able to expect, and what you should never accept, from your relationship with your chosen company. Here are Malta Beach Wedding’s top ten tips to choosing a good quality wedding planner overseas:

1. Wedding Venue Reckies:

A wedding planner should be willing and eager to show you around as many potential wedding venues as you would like to see, without the expectation of payment should you ultimately decide not to have your wedding organised by their company. Obviously using the planner as an introduction and booking directly with the venue, or through another planner, is poor form so use your moral judgement here, but the initial recky is the planner’s opportunity to sell themselves to you, NOT an unconditional contract for business. Make sure you check this out before committing so you are fully aware of any costs that may be incurred at this early stage.

2. Wedding Essentials:

Any wedding planner worth their salt should be able to organise all the other peripheral requirements that come with holding a wedding overseas. They should be able to give you deals on accommodation, source wedding favours, organise taxis for your guests, arrange transport from the airport and so on.

3. Regular Contact:

You should expect to be able to call, skype, email or meet up with your wedding planner at any time… within reason! Wedding planners understand that much of the time you will be making decisions and organising your wedding outside of working hours, so they should expect to take calls in the early evening or early morning, especially if you are working with difficult time zone differences. Freaking out and calling them at midnight is perhaps a little unfair, but even then, if you have a really good wedding planner they will bend over backwards and be available 24/7 to ensure you feel reassured that your wedding plans are under control.

4. Politeness and Flexibility:

Your wedding is your special day. It is not about a package that the planner has reeled out several times, or about pushing you towards a venue where they have negotiated the best deals for themselves. You should never feel pushed into booking a particular venue but you should be able to expect choice and you should be able to work together, flexibly, with your wedding planner to accommodate your own personal requirements, however wacky they may be.

5. A Personal Wedding Planning Service:

You should expect that the initial wedding planner you meet is the person that sees your wedding through to the end. It can happen all too often that you get ‘sold in’ on the company by the owner or director and then handed over to a less experienced staff member half way through once the contract is signed. If there are to be several people working on your wedding you should expect to be introduced to them all in your initial meetings, and the wedding planning company should explain how they will handle your wedding internally should you decide to use them.

6. High Service Standards:

It is true that standards can vary from country to country. A wedding planner from one country may be more ‘laid back’ than a planner from another country, purely from a cultural perspective. Make sure you test your proposed planner with a few questions as to their service levels and probe how they would react given certain situations. Make your expectations very clear from the start and ensure you are both working off the same page.

7. Close Working Relationships:

Your wedding planner will be in charge of one of the most important days of your life. One you will remember for the rest of your time together, so you should expect a happy, friendly, keen and generous service. Sure, you can have debates, but ultimately nothing should be too much trouble and you should be met with a smile and sense of excitement in your communications with your chosen planner. You have invited them into your life for your special moment; you are paying them to make it the best it can be and they want and need your business, so bad attitudes or eye-rolls at your inevitable paranoia’s simply aren’t acceptable. Make sure you use your gut and go with a planner that you have a good chemistry with from the onset.

8. Transparent Wedding Planning Pricing:

Make sure you are fully aware of the way in which your planner prices your wedding. Where are their fees or mark-ups for example? Are there likely to be any hidden charges? How will they respond if a venue or supplier suddenly hikes up their costs or changes their agreement? Weddings are stressful enough without having to worry about being taken for a ride. A wedding planner should be able to take your budget and work to it with clear, honest communication and straight forward break-downs as to where your money is being allocated. If you don’t get this from the outset, or your gut tells you you are being manipulated then you probably are – don’t sign anything you are not 100% comfortable with.

9. Legal Marriage Requirements:

You are getting married in a foreign country so you should expect the rules and regulations of marriage to be slightly different from your own. Your wedding planner should help you through every step of the legal process whether you are marrying in a church or having a civil ceremony. They should advise you on the legal documentation that you will need to provide and should help you with all dealings with local authorities and registrars etc.

10. Discretion:

Your wedding planner should exercise discretion at all times. If they are present at the wedding they should blend in seamlessly, quietly ensuring all is going to plan and advising relevant parties accordingly if anything goes wrong. Similarly, if you are being very difficult (if the panic takes hold!), they should be able to take this on the chin graciously and respond to your needs, or talk you down, without getting into a strop or bad-mouthing you behind the scenes. Ultimately your wedding planner will most likely become a friend and confidant. Together you will create a memory of a lifetime and they will always be a part of your history, for better or worse, so choose wisely, expect the best and let your instincts play their part.

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