Finding Suppliers

The Wedding Supplier Jungle

It’s difficult to know where to start when you’re planning a wedding in your own country, let alone overseas. Supplier standards can vary dramatically in terms of both product and service depending on the destination you are considering. This is also true of Malta. While there are many websites listing florists, catering companies, beverage suppliers and so on, it isn’t always clear which are the best – and when you are so far away, it’s important to know you’re in good hands.

Tried And Tested Suppliers

If you are arranging your wedding through a hotel or travel agent, they will often have a list of preferred suppliers and engage whoever they see fit, dependent on your requirements. The only drawback with this is that you may not know exactly what you are getting until you arrive on the day, plus the pricing mark-ups could be considerable. It’s a wise idea to ask your organiser who they are using and to provide images of their supplier’s previous work, just to make sure it is in line with your expectations.

If you prefer to take a more hands on approach to your wedding in Malta, here’s a handy list of some tried and tested local suppliers along with a brief summary of their product offerings and standards of service. In some cases personal recommendations have been added; obviously what’s right for one couple may not be right for another, but these recommendations are based on personal experiences of a good, friendly and reliable service, high quality products, competitive pricing and overall ease of transaction.

Find suppliers:

Alcohol suppliers in Malta


Malta has a number of good quality alcohol suppliers who can cater for bulk orders for weddings at competitive prices. Choose from a broad selection of local or imported beers, wines, spirits and champagnes at a price band to suit your budget.


Bridal wear in Malta

Bridal Wear

If you’re looking to buy your wedding dress or groomsmen’s outfits in Malta, there are some high quality bridal shops and renowned names in tailoring on the island. Fashion influences are largely Italian and styles vary from the demure classics to the show-stoppingly avant garde. A large range of wedding shoes and accessories are available from the larger stores.


Malta's wedding caterers


Quality catering can make or break your wedding reception. When booking your venue you may have catering included or be required to bring in external caterers yourself. Your caterers should be able to offer anything from canapés to full course banqueting and advise you at every stage of your booking right through to the big day.


Malta events companies

Décor & Entertainment

Make your special day all the more special by adding unique décor and set-ups to your venue using one of Malta’s specialist events companies. Wedding events organisers can add anything from romantic lighting and themed furnishings to full blown entertainment spectacles to wow your guests. They can supply DJs, bands or background music to add the perfect soundtrack to your big day.


Malta's florists


Flowers can add a touch of magic and create stunning colour schemes for your wedding. Malta’s hot climate requires your flower supplier to be highly knowledgeable about flower types in order to advise you on arrangements, bouquets and button holes that will last the day in all their glory. Malta has many specialist wedding flower suppliers who can help you find beautiful solutions in keeping with your venue.


Wedding hair and make-up

Wedding Beauty

You may want to relax with your bridesmaids in a spa on the morning of your wedding or treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure for your special occasion. Malta has a range of top rate spas and beauty salons to pamper you before the ‘I do’s’. You may also need to get your wedding hairstyle and make-up booked up in advance so choose from Malta’s most flexible and qualified hairdressers and beauticians and discuss your requirements before your trip.


Wedding photography

Wedding Photographers

Despite months of meticulous planning, your big day will go by in a flash and you’ll find yourself wishing you could do it all over again at half the pace. Finding the right photographer is therefore vital to ensuring all the magical moments are captured and friends and family’s antics documented for you to reflect upon in the years of married life to come. Standards can vary in Malta so make sure you choose a photographer of high caliber and solid wedding experience.

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