Royals Honeymoon in Malta!

A Right Royal Choice

In the aftermath of all the hype about the Royal Wedding, attention has now turned to speculation about where Prince William and Kate, now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have their belated honeymoon. In contention was a safari in Africa among plenty of other ideas, though it is now believed that they’ll be jetting off to an exclusive, secluded island in the Indian Ocean, well away from the glare of the public. A good choice of course, but where would Will’s grandma, aka The Queen, have gone? Well, Malta of course!

Malta’s fit for a Queen!

Prince Philip was stationed on Malta as part of the Royal Navy in the late 1940’s, and once married, he and Queen Elizabeth lived on the island for two years from 1949 to 1951. In this time they are reported to have developed a genuine affection for the nation, before the Queen ultimately became Malta’s first monarch upon inheriting the British throne in 1952. Malta since gained independence from Britain back in ’64, becoming a republic in 1974, but a fond affection still remains for the Queen in the islands. So it was a welcomed treat when in 2007, at the suggestion of the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen and Prince Philip took what was expressed as a ‘second honeymoon’ in Malta to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary; an impressive 60 years of marriage.

A Royal Visit

Valletta's Upper Barracka Gardens

Upper Barracka Gardens, Valletta

While returning to Malta, The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh visited the picturesque Upper Barrakka Gardens that rest above The Saluting Battery in Valletta; a popular choice for wedding receptions in the Maltese Islands. The Royal couple stayed at their favoured residence, San Anton Palace, which is located in the quaint town of Attard and surrounded by the beautiful San Anton gardens, the public part of which can be enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

So, who knows, perhaps one day Wills and Kate will walk in their Grandmother’s footsteps and pay a visit to this modest little gem of an island in the middle of the Mediterranean!

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