Malta Heatwave – It’s HOT!

Scorching Weddings in Malta!

The wedding season is in full swing – and so is the Maltese summer sun! If you’ve already held your wedding in Malta between the months of June and September, you’ll know how hot it can get and, this year, Malta’s really cranked up the dial on hot summer weddings.

36 degrees and counting…

This summer kicked in early and got exceptionally hot from early June. The temperatures have continued to rise ever since with very little respite for the residents of the Maltese Islands. Indeed, the Maltese Authorities are recommending people use their common sense and not venture out excessively between the hours of 11am and 4pm, particularly if they are older, have heart conditions, are physically active or have babies.

This gives you some clue as to the effect of the summer sun in Malta. So, if you have a wedding planned for the remaining summer months in Malta, here are a few snippets of advice to share with your guests to ensure an incident-free wedding:

Weddings in the sun; do’s and don’ts

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is the number one culprit for ruining weddings in hot countries. Remember that you and your guests are likely to be dressed up beyond shorts and flip-flops so as unattractive as it is, you are likely to do a fair amount of sweating throughout the day. In addition, it’s highly likely there will be a fair amount of alcohol consumed which exacerbates dehydration. Ensure that (non-alcoholic) fluids are replaced and you have a shady or cooler area to retreat to if it all starts to get a bit much. Nobody wants to see the bride faint mid-ceremony and you don’t need to be worrying about tending to swooning guests on your special day. Likewise if you have a refuge in which to cool down, you can minimise any of those terrifying yellow sweat marks that have a habit of creeping out onto lovely white fabrics!

Weddings in Malta

Ensure your beach wedding offers shade from the sun

Respect sunstroke

Same principle as above, the sun is hot and being exposed to it for hours is going to be a problem for some people more than others. Consider your guests – even if you like the sun, there may be some people with a lower tolerance or pre-existing conditions that cause them serious bother in high temperatures and burning rays. Ensure there is suncream to hand if you are in an area without shade but be sure to supply cover for a more comfortable day.

Consider a late wedding

In Malta, people marrying outdoors tend to get married at around 5pm when the sun is weakening slightly. It is still very hot but perhaps not quite so dangerous as the midday hours. Late weddings can be perfect for sunset receptions and the light at this time of the day is rich and golden, providing beautifully nostalgic photographs.

Consider the hair-do!

Long tumbling locks sound perfect for a beach wedding in Malta. However, with the sun as your witness, there is a good chance that your beautifully tousled locks will not so much bounce playfully over your shoulders than stick grimly under your armpits! Unless you are superhuman, you are going to sweat in Malta’s hot weather so consider an up-do to reduce the risk of limp hair and regular coiffuring trips to the toilet.

Wedding make-up… or make-under?

As above. Choose wisely using waterproof mascaras, non-greasy foundations and generally opt for a lighter face of make-up as opposed to a heavy visage. It’ll be be the difference between ending the day a la Elle Macpherson versus Marilyn Manson.

Do your guests a favour

Kill two birds with one stone and use practical wedding favours to help your guests combat the heat. Hand held paper or lace fans work a treat as do personalised bottles of water or fun ice-pops. If you have a bigger budget, Malta and Gozo are renowed for their hand-made lace so why not offer lace parasols to the ladies to shade them from the day’s hottest rays? No doubt the guys will sneak under too!

Eating out in Malta

Light wedding canapés are perfect for Malta's hot climate

Go easy on the food

In the height of the Maltese summer it is hard to do anything let alone eat big meals. Guests from overseas will most likely consume more drinks than food so don’t over order in the fear there won’t be enough. The usual budget blower is canapes so keep them light in both quantity and type. Maltese weddings lend themselves very well to barbecues which are popular in the heat and don’t confine people to a full course meal. If you are doing a sit-down meal, consider holding this indoors where there is air conditioning for the most comfortable experience or at least waiting until fairly late in the evening if you are to be dining in the elements. Remember, it’s not just the sun, it is the humidity in Malta that can affect your comfort in the day.

Watch your tan lines!

If, like many, you choose to arrive in Malta a few days or so before your wedding, remember not to go crazy on the tanning front. The last thing you need as a bride is a nice bikini strap line showing above your lovely corseted strapless dress. Two key items on the packing list should be a strapless bikini and a boob tube or strapless summer dress for those cafe lunches in the sun.

Be realistic

If you are having a beach wedding, really think through the practicalities of your romantic ideal. A billowing Bedouin set-up on a sandy beach sounds perfect in theory but how will you and your guests cope with the sand? Mix clammy hands and feet with fine sand and you could be crunching your way through your canapes! Consider thinking about decking or some other area where people can brush themselves off or get to wear their new heels they’ve been dying to show off! Setting expectations regarding clothing is essential if you are doing anything out of the ordinary, make sure your guests are well briefed – everyone likes to dress up for a wedding and some are real sticklers; you don’t want guys suffering in jackets and full trousers if you’re planning a hot day on the beach!

OK so it all seems pretty obvious, but in the heat of the wedding planning process it can be easy to get carried away with your mind’s eye’s dream day and forget the practicalities of a wedding in what is a very hot island climate. Stand back and sanity check your schedule, picturing your guests at each stage. If you can, visit Malta in the month that you will be getting married (perhaps the year before) to get a real feel for the temperatures you could be subjected to – particularly if you are considering the months of June to September. A trip in April for example will not be indicative of the weather you will get in August at all. And, if your local wedding planner warns you it will be hot – listen to them and take their advice, they live in it year-in-year-out and if they find it too hot, you are sure to. Even if you are a sun-deprived Brit, you may find yourself longing for the welcomed relief of a cloud or two once you’re in the thick of it! In short, think it through and you will be able to safely and comfortably enjoy a stunning, exotic wedding in the sun in Malta.

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