Hard Rock Cafe

Familiarity on the Rock

Visit any country and you want to try its cuisine and its specialities, but after a while we all crave something we know well and which we know we enjoy. And that’s when the world traveller will seek out a Hard Rock Cafe for a mouth-watering meal that will fill you to bursting.

Hard Rock in Malta

Established in 2000, and one of the island nation’s latest historical landmarks, the Hard Rock Cafe Malta is located on Level 2 in the Bay Street Hotel complex in the lively and popular St. Julian’s area. Sitting either on the sheltered terrace with its bustling atmosphere in the complex’s atrium, or inside the traditional-look cafe, whilst you eat from the familiar trusted menu, you can listen to the musical sounds that attract all Hard Rockers again and again. After your trips around the island’s heritage sites, inspecting artifacts from the Neolithic, Copper and Bronze Age, why not get re-acquainted with the Rock Age, as you browse the music memorabilia adorning the cafe walls? You can also pick up something form the merchandise shop to add to your (or your kids!) growing collection of souvenirs from Hard Rocks around the world. Both the restaurant and the merchandise shop are open from midday till late, Monday to Sunday.

Hard Rock Valletta

When visiting Valletta, 10 minutes from the city centre, you can drop down to the Malta Hard Rock Bar, located at the Grand Harbour Cruise Terminal. Here you can sit on the harbour-side and take in the sun whilst enjoying a cool drink and classic Hard Rock food. As you relax here you will marvel at the gigantic cruise-liners, like floating cities, which are moored alongside. All the outside terrace is sheltered by parasols, but if you want even more shade, you can sit inside the bar which is housed in one of the magnificent 250-year-old warehouses, built in the Baroque period by the Knights of St John’s Grand Master Pinto. Indeed, the whole of the Valletta Waterfront is well worth taking time to explore, with its melange of dining, shopping and entertainment experiences.

A Flying Visit

Before you fly home, you can even raise a farewell glass to Malta at the Hard Rock Cafe Airport Bar. Open day and night, it offers not only an array of cocktails, beers, wines and freshly prepared juices, but also freshly made sandwiches and salads which you can either enjoy on the spot or hang on to for the flight home. Malta’s international airport isn’t that big and there are a limited number of shops and cafés to choose from, so the Hard Rock bar constitutes a welcomed and comfortable way to pass the time and string out the very last minutes of your holiday in Malta.

Discounts Apply

If you have a Hard Rock All Access Membership, whether purchased in a corporate-owned establishment or in a franchise-owned establishment such as the Maltese outlets, it will get you 10% discount on food, non-alcoholic beverages and merchandise at the Hard Rock in St Julian’s and Valletta. Just show them your card before the meal to double check they recognise it and then present it with the bill.

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