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It has to be said that by the time you make it to Footloose, you should probably have gone home two hours ago. It gets pretty messy. Footloose is a real ‘sticky-floor’ bar with all the elements in place to help you make a total idiot of yourself; poles on stages, cheap booze, classic tunes and, most importantly – lock-ins. Yep, before you know it, you’re doing the walk of shame back to your apartment at 8am with an inane grin on your face, having attempted to team steal the shark head on the ceiling of the bar. But hey, you had a great time and at least your hangover will only kick in about dinner time.

Where to find Footloose

Footloose is situated in the heart of Paceville’s party area, about 100m down towards the long, narrow steps from the main crossroads – on the left down the road opposite the big Burger King. Its neon sign and ranch-like frontage will beckon you down a couple of steps into a dark wooden bar reminiscent of Coyote Ugly. Big barrel-style tables provide the stage for your pole-dancing moves that seem such a great idea at the time. The back bar forms an island in the middle of the room and provides room for talking while the DJ and dancing kicks off in the front bar.

What to expect from the music

As the name suggests, it bills itself as an 80’s bar. You definitely do need to be in the mood for a cheesy, piss-take of a night if you visit Footloose – it’s certainly not the scene for serious muso’s or hardened clubbers. But it is good for a laugh. Earlier evening is generally fairly quiet as far as people go, but mainstream tunes pump out to attract a broad audience from revellers passing by. Later, it descends into a pure blend of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s stilton.

The DJs (and owner) egg on the crowds, taking requests and handing over the mic for impromptu and often tuneless sing-alongs. You may even be given some free drinks if you’re deemed the life and soul of the party! In short, it’s all good fun and not remotely serious.

Kick-out time

Paceville in St Julian's

Paceville; Malta's clubbing district

Most bars in Paceville are open until the early hours. 5am seems to be the cut off time for many, unless you’re in the super clubs. Footloose goes through the motions of shutting at 5ish but moves everyone into the back bar and carries on after the sun has come up. The doors and windows are covered so you’ll be surprised as you stumble onto the pavement into glaring, hot sunshine. Not great for the hangover. It’s unlikely that you’ll see much of said sunny day as you slope off to your bed, only for your memories of the night’s antics to get erased somewhere during your sobering slumber.

To be honest, you’ll either love Footloose or hate it with a passion. But if you have a 7am-er, it’s likely to be there and it’s very likely to be fun.

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