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Churches of Malta & Gozo:

Balluta Bay: Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Churches in Malta

Parish Church, Balluta Bay

This beautiful old Carmelite church overlooks the small sandy beach at Balluta steps and enjoys views across the patchwork blue and turquoise bay out to sea. In summer, children play in the shallows as the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel stands watch in benign majesty from the water’s edge. There is a real sense of local community about this church and you will often see weddings and processions celebrating on the sweeping steps as the bells ring cheerily out across the bay.

Parish Office: Carmelite Friars, Balluta SLM 05
Tel: (00 356) 2134 4306
Office Hours:Mon 5–7pm; Wed 4.30–6pm; Fri 4.30–5.30pm; Sat 8.30–9.30am


Floriana: Parish Church of St Publius

Churches in Malta

Parish Church of St Publius, Floriana - illuminated for Isle of MTV

The Church of St Publius overlooks the large square in Floriana; also known as Publius Square, Il-Fosos and The Granaries. The square, resting above large underground storage pits that were used to store grain in the times of the Knights of St John, is now used for large events, concerts and public meetings. St Publius Church has become an icon of televised events such as the Isle of MTV festival held in the square every year, and is illuminated at night to stunning effect, making it as radiant on the outside as it is rich and regal on the inside.

Parish Office: 4 Triq Sarria, Floriana FRN 1461
Tel: (00 356) 2124 7106
Office Hours:Wed, Fri & Sat 9.30-11am; Mon, Wed & Fri 4.30-6pm


Mdina: Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Paul

Mdina's Cathedral

Cathedral of St Paul, Mdina

Mdina’s imposing cathedral held position as the only large church on Malta for almost 300 years following its construction during Norman rule. In 1693, an earthquake nearly destroyed the cathedral, leading to its reconstruction and dedication in 1702. The Cathedral of Saint Paul dominates the ‘Silent City’ of Mdina via it’s central position in the old stone square. The maze of twisting and turning cobbled streets run like rivers into the square, trickling around traditional buildings within the ancient battlements of this medieval walled city.

Parish Office: 4 Saint Paul Square, Mdina MDN 1100
Tel: (00 356) 21 45 66 20 (Office)
Office Hours: Mon, Wed & Fri 4.30–5.30pm


Mellieħa: Parish Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

Churches of Malta

Parish Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary - careful stone blast cleaning in process

Wherever you go in Mellieħa, you will see the crimson domes of the Parish Church watching over you from high up on the hillside. Situated next to the Sanctuary of our Lady of Mellieħa, a chapel cave recognised as containing the most ancient painting of the Madonna in the Maltese islands, the Parish Church is architecturally unique. Created in varying styles over many years, the stone-masonry, steeples, statues and paintings by famous artists all combine to illuminate this church that acts as the lifeblood to the parishioners of Mellieħa.

Parish Office: Parish Square, Mellieħa MLĦ 1071
Tel: (00 356) 21 52 34 49
Office Hours: Mon, Thur 4.30–6pm; Sat 9.30–11am


Mosta: Rotunda of St Marija Assunta

Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

Rotunda of St Marija Assunta - the Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

Mosta’s parish church is known by many names but more commonly and simply referred to as the Mosta Dome. This is a Roman Catholic church in the centre of the Mosta parish and is renowned for the miraculous escape of its congregation in wartime Malta, when a WW2 bomb pierced the dome and landed unexploded in the middle of the church. A huge and ornately furnished church boasting one of the largest unsupported domes in the world.

Parish Office: 15 Church Street, Mosta MST 2015
Tel: (00 356) 21 43 38 26
Office Hours: Mon, Wed 9-11am, 4.30–6pm; Fri 4.30–6pm; Sat 9am–11am

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