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Sacred Malta

Go anywhere in Malta and Gozo and you’ll find an impressive church around practically every bend. The Maltese are highly religious with a reported ninety-plus percent of the island officially following the Roman Catholic faith; a figure that makes the country one of the most strongly Catholic nations in the world.

Streets are punctuated with shrines and statues of The Virgin Mary and every year, elaborate festas are held around the churches of Maltese and Gozitan villages to celebrate the Saint’s Day of each local parish. The church heavily influences the life of the islanders and notions such as divorce and abortion remain outlawed to this day, albeit controversially. Generally though, religion in Malta is the route of much celebration and national pride… and perhaps the reason Malta has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Finding a Church

Churches in Malta

Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Balluta Bay

If you are Roman Catholic, you will have no problem finding a church of any shape or size; from the most magnificently grand cathedrals to the most humbly simple chapels. Pretty much every village and town in Malta has a church and, as such, you’ll find them in some stunning locations too. As an island, many churches look out across the Mediterranean offering up some beautiful scenes for your wedding photos. Churches in inland locations are no less impressive, situated in characteristic ancient walled cities of cobbled, winding streets and buttermilk-coloured stone.

It really is best to visit the island, hire a car and explore the countless churches for yourself. However, as a starting point, the website for the Malta Archdiocese ( will help by providing you with a list of churches available for Catholic weddings in Malta along with contact details for the Archbishop’s Curia, the local parish churches, priests and parish office contact details. As details change, it is best to make contact through the Church’s official site in the first instance. Note also, that if one of you has been previously divorced, it is unlikely that the Catholic Church in Malta will legally marry you, so be sure to check out all the legal requirements in your early research.

Have a Little Faith

Churches serving other denominations i.e. Anglican, Protestant, Methodist and so on, do exist in Malta but in small numbers. Some churches may allow blessings in other faiths but may not be legally recognised in Malta, so a registry office ceremony would also be required. For Church of England weddings in Malta, visit the website of The Anglican Church in Malta and Gozo ( to get details of the churches supporting Anglican weddings as well as contact details for the Chaplains and information on wedding fees ( Be sure to make contact well in advance to ensure you are aware of all the processes and documentation that will be required in order to perform your legally binding ceremony.

The Churches of Malta

What follows is simply an image gallery with brief description of some of Malta’s revered churches and cathedrals. Your religious preference and personal circumstances will dictate whether a particular church will perform your wedding ceremony, so you are advised to refer to the Malta Diocese or local parish office to begin your investigations.

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