Buildings of Heritage

A Blast from the Past

You may be getting the gist by now that Malta has a long and techni-colour history. For every nation that has reigned over Malta, they have left their own cultural stamp, and an echo of their sense of purpose on the island, evident in today’s architecture. Religion, agriculture, defense, commerce… surviving buildings from the very ancient to the relatively modern all tell a tale of a bygone era, but what’s notable is that the island’s history, visible in bricks and mortar, has been preserved, restored and embraced to become distinctly Maltese.

Respectable Registry Offices

Historic wedding venues

Defensive Architecture of Malta

As a result of this careful and ongoing preservation, you’ll find that most key official buildings in Malta gleam with grandeur, reminiscent of an opulent age. The registry offices on both Malta and Gozo are located in Valletta and Victoria respectively. Valletta, the magnificent walled city of stone, a legacy of Baroque architecture left by the Knights of St John, combines impressive cathedrals, fountains and city gates with winding cobbled streets, quirky cellar bars and street cafes; not to mention stunning views over the Grand Harbour. Victoria is no less impressive with it’s Citadel, walled fort city, dominating the town. First fortified in the Bronze age, embellished by Phoenician and Roman rule and subsequently the Knights of St John, the Citadel is a UNESCO World Heritage site serving up panoramic views across the whole of Gozo, not a bad backdrop for your photos!

Wedding Venues of Pedigree

Needless to say Valletta and Victoria are prime candidates for many other impressive and unique wedding venues, brimming with character and heritage. The rest of the island won’t disappoint either, offering up forts, saluting batteries, bastions, as well as venues that have been specifically set up to celebrate Malta’s heritage and provide uniquely Mediterranean wedding experiences.

Pick an Historic Wedding Venue

1. Santa Marija Tower, Comino
For a completely unique and lavishly exclusive wedding venue, consider the Santa Marija (St Mary’s) Tower high up on the cliffs of Comino, overlooking the world famous Blue Lagoon. Accessed by boat from Malta or Gozo, this old fort will provide breath-taking panoramic views across the Maltese archipelago from your elite position upon the characteristically turreted roof-top terrace.

2. Valletta Saluting Battery
The Valletta Saluting Battery forms part of the cities old fortified defenses and looks out across the Grand Harbour and Three Cities from beneath the Upper Barracca Gardens outside the main gates to the walled city. Traditionally used in both a defensive and ceremonial role, you can now hold wedding events here and even have the cannons fired to truly celebrate with a bang!

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