Beachfile: Selmun Bay

Name of Beach: Imgiebah or ‘Selmun’ Bay

Location: North of St Paul’s Bay in the North Eastern vicinity of Mellieha.

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Characteristics: Imgiebah Bay, more commonly referred to as Selmun Bay, is a less well known hidden gem of a beach that is particularly hard to find and slightly hairy to drive to! Located at the end of rickety, winding single tracks that lead off the main road next to Selmun Palace Hotel, you’ll feel more like an explorer than a beach-going tourist. The beach itself is a mix of golden sand and smooth moonscape-style rock ledges. The sea offers turquoise shallows with great snorkelling around the rocks, while boats exploring Malta’s hidden bays from the sea often moor up just outside the swimming area and enjoy personal service from the floating ice-cream man!

Popularity: Due to the difficulty of finding Selmun Bay, the beach is fairly quiet and generally popular with locals rather than tourists. However, the secret is out and recent summer’s have seen more visitors taking on the challenge of finding the bay. It is still a far cry from the busyness of Golden Bay, Armier Bay and Paradise Bay though.

Facilities: There are absolutely no facilities at Selmun Bay, except for the occasional roaming beach vendor. There are no toilets, the closest public building being the Selmun Palace Hotel which is a 5-10 minute drive away. The car park is literally just the cliff top with seriously uneven ground that can result in cars getting stuck if you end up in the wrong spot, while the trip down to the beach is via a meandering cliff path – this is back to basics beach trip!

Accessibility: Needless to say, accessibility is poor. Combine the difficulty of finding it with the narrow, rubble lanes and dodgy car park and you’ll soon realise it’s not the place for the unadventurous. This is part of the charm of Selmun Bay though; you’re rewarded for your troubles with a quiet, spacious beach that has lovely views out to sea and is surrounded by the typical Maltese countryside of prickly pear trees and palms.

Wedding Notes: A great beach if you can overcome the accessibility issue. Access by sea would be the best way to get large set-ups and catering equipment in. If this wasn’t a problem, the beach is highly private and aesthetically pleasing for a wedding event.

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