Planning the Perfect Wedding

Planning a wedding is an extreme experience to say the least. The highs are squeal-tastic yet the lows can make you want to jack in the whole thing and live out your days in glorious, care-free sin. Your wedding is just so personally important – everything reflects on you as a couple and for the months and months you and your partner will talk endlessly about it, your absolute goal is to nail it; 100%; the perfect day; as you dreamt it; no negotiation. Right, no pressure there then!

Marriage in Malta

Malta WeddingsEven the most relaxed of couples often find themselves floundering amidst the ever increasing circle of requirement, cost and family obligation that somehow binds itself to your special day. So, you’d be forgiven for wanting to run away to tie the knot overseas, just the two of you; no hassle; no fuss. Not a bad idea in principle, but it really helps to know where to start. Having been through the very same process just recently, we, as the Malta Beach Wedding crack team of ‘just marrieds’, feel compelled to share our collective experiences and duty-bound to impart some hard-learned tips about marrying abroad, specifically in Malta, with our fellow brides and grooms-to-be.

So, this website is dedicated to making arranging a wedding in Malta as transparent as possible; direct answers to obvious questions. Sounds simple, but it’s surprising how little, clear and honest information there is on getting married in Malta. By sharing our research and experiences with you, we hope to make at least one person’s pre-wedding preparations less stressful, and importantly, more fun!

Happy Planning!

NB: Malta Beach Wedding is in an ever-expanding state of development so if you have some information you would like to share, or believe anything in our pages to be inaccurate, don’t hesitate to get in touch using the Contact Form available in our Contact Us section. Look back often for further updates and information on Malta and arranging a wedding in the islands.


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Featured Wedding Stories:

Wedded Bliss is a Beach: The Hathway’s Have a Dream

Our wedding in Malta

Our dream was to utter our nuptials under the steamy Maltese sun, beach underfoot, close family and friends at our sides, followed by a Bedouin-style beach party at which to let our hair down once the serious bit was done. Despite living in Malta for the past two years, our lack of knowledge surrounding marriage and local council legalities, suppliers, venues, local customs and so on, meant that we didn’t quite realize our dream; but we did surpass it in the end…  Read our story


Magnificent Mdina: The ‘Silent City’ Marries the Miller’s

Our wedding in Malta

Oozing Mediterranean charm, Malta’s walled city of Mdina melds ancient medieval battlements and grand baroque architecture with quaint, parochial streets and squares lined with vibrant bougainvillea. Once the old capital of Malta, Mdina was fortified upon the highest hill in the centre of the island and lavishly constructed as the living quarters for many a ruling noble, until the Knights of St John deserted the city for Valletta in the 1500’s. Since then, Mdina has been dubbed the ‘Silent City’ and does, indeed, feel like a sleeping tribute to an era long-passed. As such, Mdina makes a stunningly unique backdrop for a truly romantic and anciently magical wedding in the Maltese Islands. Here, the Miller’s tell us about their beautiful Mediterranean wedding in the magnificent city of Mdina. Read their story.


Stylish St Julian’s: The Simpson’s Choose a Church of Character

Church weddings in malta

St Julian’s in Malta is where it all happens; restaurants, bars and a buzzing nightlife. The beauty of the Maltese Islands however, is that the modern mixes seamlessly with the traditional, which means if you want a wedding close to the hubbub, you still have countless options of quaint churches and exquisite reception venues to choose from. One such example is the hidden treasure that is the Lapsi Church. Tucked away up a charming cobbled street in the eaves of St Julian’s twinkling Spinola Bay, the Lapsi Church is small, intimate and welcoming whilst retaining the stunningly ornate decor that is characteristic of Maltese and Gozitan Churches. Here, the Simpson’s tell us about their wonderful wedding day, starting in this beautiful little church and ending in the stunning reception setting of Villa Arrigo by glorious sunset. Read their story.

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